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Operating procedure for rough drawing of inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 14, 2019

In fact, for the inverted wire drawing machine equipment, in the process of roughing, the procedures we need to follow can be summarized into six aspects. That is, in the whole operation process, the rolling tips should be sequentially performed in order from the largest to the smallest, so as to prevent the sharpening of the rolling point machine. In addition, it should also ensure that the head is even, so as to avoid the wire burr.

The second point is that when the mold is being fitted, it must be selected according to the specific requirements to ensure the drawing effect of the inverted wire drawing machine. Remember to check the gasket when you are in the upper mold. If the sealing is not good, it will cause a lot of problems;

Thirdly, the staff should adjust the position of each mold box. When the steel wire comes out of the mold hole, it should enter the reel horizontally from the tangential direction to prevent problems in the middle pass, such as cracks.

Fourth, the staff also needs to fill in the specific operation records carefully. Remember, the product specifications, production date, and operation number must be clearly filled out. On the fifth point, the inverted wire drawing machine should be guaranteed during the production process. The lubricant in the mold box is fresh, and it is necessary to diligently stir and clean the coke and debris in the mold box in time to avoid problems.

During the entire drawing operation, we must take certain measures to ensure that the drawing drum and the drawing die of the inverted wire drawing machine are kept in a good cooling state.