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New wire drawing machine equipment development trend and technical configuration

Aug 24, 2019

Due to the limitation of the control system technology, the conventional wire drawing machine equipment adopts the pulley type or the inverted drawing process, which causes distortion of the metal wire, which seriously affects the product quality, cannot be pulled at a high speed, and reduces the production efficiency. With the development of control technology, high-speed, straight-forward, multi-pass, and one-winding processing methods have become the technological development trend of the metal wire processing industry.

At present, the high-speed straight-line wire drawing machine popular in the industry aims to realize the mechanical design and coordinated control of the straight-through wire drawing machine linkage, start, high-speed operation, quick stop, and winding. Its design draws on the advantages of parallel dynamic structure and series dynamic structure, and transforms the cross-coupling structure.

In this way, the wire drawing machine equipment can be used in multi-motor systems, and the parallel, series and improved cross-coupling modes are combined, and a new cross-coupling dynamic structure with adjustable speed multi-position tracking is proposed, which solves The coordinated control problem of multiple motors reduces the position error and ensures the positional accuracy of each tuning roller during the running of the straight-through wire drawing machine.

At the same time, the cutting signal is directly used to transmit the transmission coefficient step by step, and the arbitrary cutting function of the pass is realized on the straight-through drawing machine, which can conveniently realize multi-purpose and arbitrary maintenance of one machine. A deficit control technique is also proposed, which enables the tuner to be started directly at any initial position, overcomes the disadvantages of manual intervention required for the start of the device, realizes the smooth start of the straight-through wire drawing machine at the start-up moment, and prevents the broken wire from being activated at the moment. The phenomenon occurs.

The new wire drawing machine equipment combines the feedforward coefficient identification technology based on iterative learning with the nonlinear approximation and the optimized PI control technology to reduce the control parameters of the multiple controllers of the machine to two, simplifying the debugging steps. The feed coefficient identification technique can be used for the winding portion and vice versa.