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Low consumption Wire Drawing Oil, Aluminium Wire Drawing Oil

Feb 26, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

Type: Water Tank Type Metal Drawing Machine


Product Description

Aluminium wire drawing oil for oil is a metal, also known as aluminum extruded aluminum and oil extraction oil, is a type of drawing process for aluminum and its alloy additives, lubricating, cleaning, cooling, anti-rust and so on. The oil is divided into two types: Oil based and water soluble. 

Drawing oil in oily, aqueous aluminium wire drawing oil has the following advantages: 

@ The lubricity of special lubricating composition, normal temperature is soluble in water, temperature when drawing precipitation from the water, attached to the online surface, temperature drops, and is soluble in water and has a cleansing effect. 

@ Bright unique protective properties of aluminum come into contact with water and oxygen to keep bright. 

@ Cleaning of wire rod surface and no grease, less aluminum ash residue on the surface, easy to clean, reducing the beads, highlights, free aluminum and other defects. 

@ Separation of emulsified liquid viscosity and water close to settlement fast and easy to clean aluminum ash. 

@ Economy compared with pure oil products and lubricants costs reduced by more than half. 

@ Hygienic production environment clean, good management and workers. 

@ Security, no fire, no smoke, no corrosion, does not irritate the skin. 


Oil-base for large size aluminium Rod drawing, consist mainly of base oil, oily agent, EP-additives such as coagulation agents; Water soluble products including lubricants, emulsifying agents, aluminum anti-rust agents, cleaning agents, defoaming agents, fungicides, for small aluminum wire drawing. Due to water soluble drawing aluminum wire products clean and bright surface, aluminum ash less special applied enamelled aluminum wire and aluminum welding wire production. 

Making and testing: 

1, oil-based products

Select the appropriate base oil, heat up to about 80 ° C, adding functional additives, filter packaging for finished products. Characteristics: Copper wire drawing oil

1. The emulsion system best: Can adapt to a variety of hardness of the water, is at boiling temperature, will not undermine the emulsification stability of w-series, so line liquid anti-aging. (Useful life higher customer for more than three years without an oil change)

2. Strong rust: A special rust-proof, to stretching copper, polished surface maintenance long. 

3. Cleanliness is very high: Low surface tension, and copper precipitates, sustained tank cleaning. 

4. Lubrication is strong: In addition to the traditional oily agent, containing high-lubricity Enhancer are resistant against high temperatures reduce the eye pattern of loss. 

5. Selection of refined raw materials: Wire after annealing (burnt stew line) beautiful luster, contribute to secondary processing such as enameled wire. 

6. Contain Antistatic agent: To eliminate static electricity and wire Copper powder adhesive, keep the copper clean. 

7. Industrial safety and correct: The selection must not endanger human raw materials, with very low pollution, has no effect on the river creatures and plants. 

II. Concentration

Bus drive product line drive percentage multiples with water containing oil

8.0MM-- 2.6MM 20_30 (5.0---8%)

2.6MM-- 0.8MM 20_30 (4---6.0%)

0.8MM-- 0.08MM 20_30 (3.0---3.5%)

0.12MM-- 0.03MM 20_35 (1.5----2.0%)

III. The dilution process

In the water in the tank, taking into account the amount of oil required, slightly after cyclic mix, perfect copper wire drawing oil

Requested finished 15~20 mm/s viscosity, flash point greater than 210 degrees centigrade. 

2, water soluble products

Join the variety of functional additives to the base oil viscosity is moderate, stirring harmonic uniformity

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