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Inverted wire drawing machine operating characteristics

Apr 28, 2018

At present, there are a variety of wire drawing machines on the market, of which the inverted wire drawing machine belongs to a relatively common one. In general, the diameter of a drawn wire of such a drawing apparatus is within 30 millimeters. The working characteristics of the inverted drawing machine equipment can be summarized as follows: high degree of automation, simultaneous drawing and take-up, up to 2 tons of take-up reel, convenient and reliable unloading.


In addition, for the user, the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine is also convenient, and it can ensure high production efficiency and safety. Because of such performance characteristics, the device has also been favored by many users in practical applications. At the same time, with the development of technology, the performance of this equipment is constantly improving and improving. Under normal conditions, the equipment can maintain a low-frequency torque and a stable output state during operation.


In addition, high-performance vector control is also achieved during the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine. Not only that, the device also has good energy-saving effect, and the precision of proportional linkage control is high. The device also has a slip compensation function, high speed accuracy, maintain constant tension, prevent disconnection. In this way, it is equivalent to greatly improving the quality of the product.


At the same time, the structural design of the inverted drawing machine equipment also follows stringent requirements. In particular, the modular design of the hardware circuit is used to ensure stable and efficient operation of the circuit. And some devices can also be configured to use frequency converters to further increase energy savings. The design concept of the equipment is more and more advanced, and the overall design lines are very beautiful and smooth.


In short, the performance of all aspects of inverted wire drawing machine equipment has been improved. With the improvement of the adaptability, the future application of it will be more extensive. The device has fast response, strong adaptability and simple debugging. In operation, PLC is used to implement multi-function logic control such as timing, constant speed and orientation, and a variety of flexible control methods to meet the requirements of various complicated working conditions.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/