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Inverted vertical drawing machine operation process and gear connection

Apr 27, 2019

The inverted vertical drawing machine is mainly used for the continuous and non-twisting operation of the heavy plate during the use, because it can complete the drawing and winding work at the same time, thereby simplifying the operation process. Under normal conditions, the device can draw high, medium and low carbon steel wire, and can also draw shaped steel wire, stainless steel wire and thick and thin colored wire.

The inverted vertical drawing machine has a very outstanding effect especially in the drawing standard product and the shelf manufacturing industry. The drive system of the device consists of a strong narrow V-belt and a standard reducer drive. The main components are double enveloping worm gear pair, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, planetary reducer, hard tooth reducer and so on.

The inverted vertical drawing machine must ensure that all lubrication parts of the flip-wire drawing machine are fully lubricated; secondly, check that the connections of the various parts of the equipment are good and loose. When the cart and the drop gear are tracked in place, the pawl can be lowered and the pawl can be coupled to the drop gear.

The  inverted vertical drawing machine is connected to the appropriate power source as required, and then the AC main motor is turned on for a period of testing before the wire drawing die is placed in the mold box. Then insert the wire into the mold and press it tightly, then hang one end of the wire on the roll, rotate the wire slowly for ten to twenty turns, pull the wire from the roll of the inverted vertical drawing machine, and then close. Remove the wire cutter for the rear operation. Note that the returned wire should be placed in the drop rack.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com