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Installation and use process of inverted wire drawing machine

Sep 21, 2020

Before installing the inverted wire drawing machine, you need to choose an appropriate location, and then choose the equipment to be placed on a stable ground, and then install it effectively according to its instructions. First, use the appropriate expansion according to the foot hole of the machine base. The screws are fixed on the pre-built cement foundation to make it fixed. Then check whether the equipment can maintain a stable state, and whether all auxiliary equipment is complete.

When tightening the equipment, the inverted drawing machine needs to pay attention to the adjustment of the position of the host. When operating, ensure that the center of the reel and the rotation center of the trolley are in the same position. When using it, pay attention to the adjustment of the host. It should be ensured that the trolley can maintain smooth movement during the forward and backward movement. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably connect the electrical wiring of the equipment according to the requirements of electricity use to ensure that there is no leakage or short circuit.

Some precautions during the use of inverted wire drawing machine

When heating during the drawing process, a problem will be involved, that is, the temperature of the drawing fluid should be controlled in a reasonable range. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the drawing liquid is generally controlled within the range of 65-85°. Of course, in actual work, it needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. As we all know, after the drawing fluid is heated, hot air will usually be emitted in the drawing cabinet.

Under normal circumstances, the user of the inverted drawing machine needs to pay attention to such a problem during the operation, that is, the height of the drawing fluid is controlled below the center of the tower wheel shaft. In addition, the PH of the drawing oil used in the drawing machine should also be controlled within a reasonable range. Otherwise, if it is too high, it may cause the copper wire to become red, and it will also damage the equipment and reduce its life. In addition, I would like to advise all users and friends that if the work requires drawing some particularly thin metal wires, it should be noted that the wire drawing machine starts slowly, and then slowly accelerates to prevent wire breakage.

The operation of the inverted wire drawing machine has also become more and more user-friendly, and this depends on its reasonable design and technology, especially the use of numerical control devices, which makes the inverted wire drawing machine more automated and more able to meet the needs of users. The changes on the body are obvious to everyone. Starting from its wire-reeling trolley device, it can start with only one large plate. After the steel bar falls into the large plate, it needs to be pulled out manually or mechanically, and then unloaded by a crane.