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How straight inline drawing machine works

Mar 19, 2018

In the operation of the in-line wire drawing machine, the key point of operation is to ensure that the metal seconds flow of each roll is consistent at all times. In fact, in a wire drawing process, a straight wire drawing machine takes a certain number of turns from a roll and then goes through a tuning roller to the next drawing die. During this process, the drawing die will wear unevenly with the use of time.


In this way, it is possible to cause a change in the tension of the wire, and the result of this change is a small radial oscillation of the tuning roller. The rotational speed of the finished product drum is the pilot speed, which is the soul that controls the speed of the entire equipment and plays the role of supporting the former. In the in-line drawing machine, the rear-reel take-up and the nose-type take-up are also based on the finished reel speed. Through the displacement sensor of the tension control mechanism between the product reel and the spool take-up machine, the take-up speed of the take-up machine can be kept consistent with the finished product speed, and finally the second flow rate can be kept consistent.


Analysis of the main performance of in-line wire drawing machine:


First of all, regarding the production capacity of in-line drawing machine equipment, under normal operating conditions, its maximum line diameter is Φ6.5mm, tensile strength is generally within 1350MPa, and minimum line diameter is 1.2mm. Second, about the highest drawing speed of the machine, up to 720 meters per minute.


Furthermore, regarding the braking capability of the in-line drawing machine equipment. At the limit speed, normal braking does not exceed 50 seconds, rapid braking does not exceed 15 seconds, and emergency braking does not exceed 3 seconds. The take-up method adopted in the in-line wire drawing machine equipment is the heavy-duty reeling of the I-shaped wheel, the heavy reeling of the wire rack, and the compatibility of the ordinary small-disk bundling. http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com