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Excellent characteristics of wire drawing machine

Nov 19, 2020

At present, there are more and more users of wire drawing machine equipment. When people use this equipment, not only can the production quality be improved, but the wire drawing speed can also be increased. In order to facilitate everyone to have a more comprehensive understanding of the wire drawing machine equipment, then we will introduce the excellent characteristics of the equipment for your reference.

In fact, as the production technology has become more and more mature, the performance of the wire drawing machine equipment has also been continuously improved and improved. So in actual application, we can see that the superiority of the device is reflected in many aspects. For example, the low-frequency torque of the device is relatively large, and under normal circumstances, it can maintain a stable output power.

Not only that, during the operation of the wire drawing machine, it can also achieve high-performance vector control. And can keep the tension constant, avoid the occurrence of disconnection problems. For users, the device also has good energy-saving effects and high proportional linkage control accuracy.

In practical applications, many wire drawing machines also have slip compensation functions, which can ensure wire drawing quality and have high speed accuracy. This is because the latest high-speed motor control dedicated chip DSP is used to ensure the fast response of vector control.

With the development of frequency conversion technology, many wire drawing machines have also adopted frequency conversion technology. In this way, not only the efficient and stable operation of the equipment can be maintained for a long time, but also the power consumption is greatly reduced and the use cost is reduced.

In addition to the above advantages, the appearance design of the wire drawing machine is also becoming more modern and beautiful. This is because advanced design concepts are used when designing the appearance, which can make the appearance of the drawing machine equipment smooth and beautiful.