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Downtime operation of inverted wire drawing machine and related matters

Feb 01, 2019

When the production task is completed, it is necessary to shut down the inverted wire drawing machine in time. It is usually required to turn off the main unit heating power supply and water supply system switch five minutes in advance. Then close the hopper pin to change the wire (about 2 minutes), press the "stop" button of the linkage switch. The next step is to turn off all power and remove the die for the replacement network to prepare for the next boot.


After shutting down the equipment, it is also necessary to clean several of the inverted wire drawing machine equipment and close the doors and windows to prevent the rain from drifting in and to wet the related electrical equipment of the machine. It should be noted that in production, each roll must be weighed, and checked for silk and labeled. If black material is produced, the filter must be replaced within less than 4 hours (not limited if necessary). When not black, the filter should be used for no more than 6 hours each time (not limited if necessary).


During the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, special attention should be paid to the reasonable control of the tension of the winding. After the traction unit must be wound five times; the tension of the winding should be as small as possible (that is, the monofilament is pulled by the constant force of traction); if the tension is too large, the package will be too tight, and the monofilament will be stored after a few days. Will stick together, can not retreat, not easy to use silk.