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Determination of drawing route and compression ratio of straight wire drawing machine

Jan 03, 2019

In the drawing operation of the straight-through wire drawing machine, it is necessary to determine the drawing route and the compression ratio in advance. We know that in the production process of steel wire, from wire to finished product, it has to be pulled several times. Each drawing requires a drawing die and is arranged in the order of drawing. The configuration route of these molds is called the drawing mode route, which can also be called the drawing mode.


Usually, the drawing route of the straight-through wire drawing machine is determined mainly based on the total compression ratio, the partial compression ratio, and the drawing pass. The total compression ratio refers to the total compression percentage from the blank to the finished product, and Q represents the ratio of the absolute amount of compression of the cross-sectional area before and after the steel wire is drawn to the cross-sectional area of the steel wire before drawing. Since the amount of section compression is always smaller than the cross-sectional area of the wire before drawing, the compression ratio is always less than 1, so the value of the compression ratio is usually expressed as a percentage.


In addition, it is necessary to determine the partial compression ratio of the straight-through wire drawing machine. Generally, the partial compression ratio and the pass compression ratio refer to the number of passes and the amount of compression in the case where the total compression is constant. That is, the percentage of the diameter of the two molds adjacent to each other. Usually expressed as q1, q2, q3...qn, the calculation formula is similar to the total compression ratio.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com