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Design features and control methods of Water tank wire drawing machine

Nov 08, 2018

The Water tank wire drawing machine equipment can be used to pull different metal wires. In the drawing operation, the winding link is the core link in the equipment control system, and this link also directly affects the quality of the steel wire. In terms of production, due to the innovative design and standardized manufacturing process, it can ensure the long-term use of the water tanker without water leakage.


The Water tank wire drawing machine can also maintain a stable state when it is running at high speed. This is because the box-type welding machine is specially configured, which is safe and environmentally friendly. And use all-digital logic control, man-machine dialogue, status display, information query and so on. In the operation of the machine, the tension is tidy, the meter is correct, and the wire is more linear.


For the user, the water tank wire drawing machine has a wide application range, which can meet the wire-receiving requirements of different specifications of the wheel. This is mainly because of the special design and control, and the control mode of the machine is composed of "AC frequency converter + PLC + human-machine interface + constant tension", all digital logic control.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/