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Copper wire drawing machine product outer diameter deviation control measures

Jan 30, 2019

The production quality and production efficiency of copper single wire often directly affect the processing and production process of the downstream process, and play a decisive role in the quality of the cable. Due to the uninterrupted production of the copper wire drawing machine, the drawing speed is gradually out of sync with the annealing. During the drawing, the wire diameter is intermittent and the irregular section is small due to the fast and slow pulling speed.


That is to say, in the process of operating the copper wire drawing machine, the tension on the storage reel changes, which causes the tension of the wire reel to be not constant. Since the speed of the wire is constant, the drawing is made. The tensile force is also not constant, which can cause the deviation of the outer diameter of the monofilament to be accurately controlled.


For such a problem, it is necessary to lubricate the wire storage device to prevent the wire from being reversed in the high-speed operation of the copper wire drawing machine, thereby making the wire be thinned; adjusting the tension of the wire to make the stroke of the wire drawing Always adhere to the annealing wheel; ensure the integrity of the annealing wheel rim and avoid the instability of the annealing current due to the surface defects of the steel ring.