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Control requirements and control methods for water tank type wire drawing machines

Sep 28, 2019

When operating a water tank type wire drawing machine, the control of it is a very important issue, and this will also affect the quality of its final product. First of all, the tension control requirement for the filament is that the speed of the wire can not be too fast, the tension should not be too large, otherwise, the problem of broken wire is easy to occur; and if the wire is too slow and the tension is too small, then Affect its production efficiency. Therefore, the speed should be well controlled. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure a high speed regulation accuracy.

In addition, when it comes to control, we also need to consider the adaptability of its system. This is because if you use a water tank type wire drawing machine to process 10-70um different specifications of filaments, you need to adjust the appropriate tension control requirements according to their specifications.

Need to remind everyone that the price of ultra-fine copper wire is relatively expensive, and it is more likely to break the wire during the drawing process, so the stability and reliability of the system are required during the operation. In addition, in the automatic operation process of the water tank type wire drawing machine, how to measure the speed signal, how to maintain a constant wire receiving speed, how to meet the speed regulation accuracy requirements of the product, will be the key point of the whole operation process.

Therefore, when controlling, we need to first detect the speed signal according to its speed requirement, and then combine its requirements for speed and accuracy, calculate the control amount, and then adjust the input signal of the inverter according to the result, and change The speed of the speed regulating motor is kept constant to keep the wire drawing speed of the water tank type wire drawing machine.https://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/