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Control method and installation of water tank wire drawing machine

Apr 17, 2020

The rewinding key of the water tank wire drawing machine is the focus key in the deployment control system of this setting, and this key also directly affects the quality of the steel wire. For the receipt, there are usually several control methods:

1) The tension roller is used for adjustment, and the tension during winding is covered by the tension roller's own weight.

2) Adopting torque control, the tension during winding is determined by the size of the torque, but it will lead to an unbalanced take-up tension due to the change in winding diameter.

3) For the water tank drawing machine with high process requirements, the first control method is usually adopted, and the PID correction function of the inverter ACS510 is used to control the tension roller adjustment.

Installation requirements of water tank wire drawing machine

1. The installation foundation of the wire drawing machine needs to be very stable to avoid vibration;

2. During installation, the tension axis of the wire should be symmetrical to the center line of the die hole through debugging, so that the stress of the wire and the drawing die is even.