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Application of wire drawing machine

Dec 13, 2020

The wire drawing machine is also called the wire drawing machine, which is a mechanical equipment widely used in industrial applications.

The wire drawing machine system is a device with very high requirements for speed control, and the control system is required to provide a very precise and smooth line speed. The wire drawing machine used for drawing gold wire has higher requirements than ordinary wire drawing machines. The whole system is more complicated, with many control devices, and high coordination among the motors is required.

The system adopts 4 sets of servo motor control, and each set of servos has real-time data exchange. The bus communication capability supported by Kinco servo can fully meet the real-time data interaction between each axis.

The system requires fast interaction of data between the motor shafts. In order to ensure that the wire can be quickly calculated according to the required algorithm, the trajectory and wire are in place. The internal firmware function of the kinco servo is also fully utilized, and the motor is driven by the driver to calculate the wire by itself. , Which greatly omitted the time delay caused by the traditional wire drawing machine control system calculating the wire position through the controller and then transmitting it to the driver, and affirmed the minimization of wire delay.