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Analysis of three major features of inverted wire drawing machine

Jun 30, 2018

Inverted wire drawing machine is a new wire drawing device specially designed for the drawing of large and heavy heavy wire. It is widely used in the production of metal products. The wire drawing machine can effectively pull the copper wire with a large diameter. In practical applications, the inverted drawing machine has the following three characteristics:


First, the inverted wire drawing machine is especially suitable for the drawing of heavy and thick wire rods, and can be used for continuous drawing production. In addition, although the take-up is relatively significant, it can effectively reduce man-hours and increase work efficiency.


Second, the inverted drawing machine is very simple in operation, and it is not only extremely quiet during operation, but also very simple and reliable in terms of control. During the entire drawing process, safe production can be ensured, and at the same time, the operator is very simple in maintenance.


Third, because the inverted wire drawing machine uses a three-phase AC variable-frequency motor for system control, the user can perform smooth and endless control and adjustment of the drawing speed according to actual needs.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/