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What should I pay attention to the selection of steel straightening machine?

Jul 26, 2017

In the construction industry, we are bound to use a device - steel straightening cutting machine, the device is mainly used in steel processing, which through the multi-channel processing procedures to ensure continuity of the state of operation. And for the user, the current domestic production of steel straightening machine manufacturers have a lot of cutting, so when you need to master the purchase of some skills.

In order to help you choose to the appropriate steel straightening machine, we will summarize the contents of this part of the share to you, hoping to provide some reference. We know that the market in a variety of products, which is also the level of quality is not good, there are good and bad. So, in the selection of the time, it is best to prepare some homework in advance, then the specific need to pay attention to what issues?

First of all, we need to adjust the appearance of steel straightening machine to make a preliminary judgment, the main inspection content is: whether the solid body welding, the appearance of clean, the edge of the presence of burrs and whether the surface is smooth and so on. Secondly, we also pay attention to check the main and passive shaft device and rack connection is firmly intact, flexible rotation; brake device response is sensitive and so on.

Furthermore, we should also pay attention to check the installation position of the guide wheel device of the steel straightening cutter and whether the installation position of the slider is reasonable, and it is also necessary to check whether the cooperation gap between the two is within the normal range. In addition, we should also look at the passive shaft components in the process of work is stable and reliable, whether it will produce abnormal noise.

Finally, do not forget should also check the steel straightening machine cutting the various parts of the installation is reasonable, can meet the requirements of the work, but also should pay attention to whether the safety signs are complete, is fixed in the more eye-catching position.


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