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Speed range and technical advancement of straight wire drawing machine

Apr 04, 2019

The straight-through wire drawing machine is a very common type in the process of operation. In the past, the DC generator-motor group (FD system) was usually used to realize it. Now with the advancement of process technology and the widespread use of frequency converters, The frequency conversion control starts to be used in a large number of straight-through wire drawing machines, and can realize the functions of drawing type setting, operation automation, production process control, real-time closed-loop control, automatic meter counting, etc. through PLC.

The straight-through wire drawing machine adopts the direct-feed wire drawing machine of the variable frequency speed control system with advanced technology and remarkable energy saving. The speed regulation range is 30:1 during normal operation, and can provide more than 1.5 times of rated rotation at 5% rated speed. Moment.

The straight-through wire drawing machine is the most difficult to control in the wire drawing machine. Because it is a plurality of motors that simultaneously stretch the wire, the work efficiency is high. Allow the wire to slip between the various dies. At the same time, it has high requirements for the synchronism of the motor and the rapid response of the dynamic response. The system has a total of 8 11KW inverters. The electrical configuration of the system is a set of loops, installed in the first stage, the role is to draw the rolled stainless steel wire to the drawing part, because the looper can freely slip, so this motor does not require special control. There are six drums with a diameter of 400 mm in the wire drawing section. A cylinder swing arm for detecting the position is installed between each drum, and the position of the swing arm can be detected by the displacement sensor. When the wire is pulled tight, the wire generates pressure on the cylinder of the swing arm to move the swing arm downward. .

In the end, the winding motor is used. This part adopts a self-sliding conical bracket. The winding diameter of the whole process does not change substantially, so the winding diameter calculation function is not needed. The power of eight motors is driven by a variable frequency motor with mechanical brakes.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com