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Production efficiency and structural design of inverted wire drawing machine

Jun 21, 2019

The inverted vertical wire drawing machine mainly consists of a four-wheel husking mechanism, an adjustable cross-parabolic wire brush wheel, a closed derusting room, a dry lubrication box drawing frame and an electrical control system. The wire is directly fed from the guide die, and after being detached by the four-wheel husking mechanism, it enters the closed rust-removing chamber, and the wire rust removal is completed by the high-speed rotation of the two pairs of parabolic wire brush wheels disposed at the intersection. This patented structure design enables the wire to pass through the omnidirectional 2 times of descaling, the surface is bright and new, the effect is very significant, and the brush wheel has a long service life, generally used continuously for more than 8 months, and the exchange is also very convenient. The dry lubrication box drawing mold frame has a lubricating powder box and a wire drawing mold box, and a forced lubrication device (patent) is attached to apply a layer of lubricating powder on the surface of the material after derusting, and form 80 kg in the mold and the forced lubricating tube. The high pressure can dissolve the solid lubricating powder into a semi-solid state. The lubricating powder can firmly adsorb the surface of the steel wire, reduce the loss of the drawing die, and the lubrication thickness can be adjusted, which is beneficial to the subsequent processing. Can be connected directly to the wire drawing machine.

The whole machine of the inverted vertical wire drawing machine adopts an adjustable base, and does not need to be a cement foundation. As long as the high and low position of the whole machine is adjusted, the drawing core can be matched with the wire drawing machine. This results in a continuous acid-free wire drawing line that is fed from the wire rod to the shiny filament. The shell from which the wire is detached falls into the dust collecting port. The rust is collected by a closed rust-removing ash door and a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, the whole machine works without dust flying, so that the drawing workshop is kept clean.

The high production efficiency of the inverted wire drawing machine replaces the traditional multi-steps such as shelling, pickling, rinsing, ashing and drying, and the continuous production greatly reduces the production process and shortens the production. The cycle significantly increases production efficiency.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com