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Inverted wire drawing machine configuration requirements and operating characteristics

Sep 08, 2018

In the wire drawing process, different drawing processes, wire drawing equipment, different silk types and requirements will make the drawing process greatly different for different metal materials. In order to improve the quality of wire drawing and labor productivity, the heat treatment production line must follow the road of continuous production of large-scale, and the inverted wire drawing machine satisfies the requirements of large-scale and continuous production.


This is because in the inverted wire drawing machine, the wire-receiving machine of the integral bracket is specially arranged, so that the overall structural strength is improved, the investment cost is saved, and the high-speed, large-disc, continuous production is realized. Not only that, but also improved labor productivity, solved the problem of large-capacity winding of various specifications of steel wire, improved production capacity and equipment performance and grade, and laid a solid foundation for promoting large-capacity closing.


In general, during the operation of the inverted wire drawing machine, in addition to the pay-off and drawing, the working speed of the take-up link determines the production efficiency of the entire drawing machine and is the most difficult part of the whole system. In the wire-receiving part, the common control technology has synchronous control and tension control to achieve the winding of metal products.http://www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com/