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Introduction and working principle of continuous annealing wire drawing equipment

Feb 21, 2021

The continuous annealing wire drawing machine is based on the original wire drawing machine plus online annealing, and the product is formed at one time to improve production efficiency. It is mainly used in the copper wire drawing industry, the brass wire drawing machine industry, the aluminum wire drawing industry, and the copper clad copper wire This type of equipment can be used for wire drawing of non-ferrous metals such as wire drawing industry. The catalogue of such equipment technology is not mature for the application of iron wire and other ferrous metal wire drawing.

The working principle of the continuous on-line annealing machine: the on-line annealing machine uses the principle of contact short-circuit annealing. The annealing power supply is AC and DC. It is suitable for the annealing and softening production of copper wire, brass, copper clad copper and copper clad aluminum. The annealing machine is composed of a conductive system, an oxidation protection system, a cooling system, a drying system, and an electrical system. The oxidation protection method adopts steam protection; the cooling and lubrication adopts the circulation of dilute concentration drawing liquid; the drying system adopts compressed air and mold drying.