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Corrosion mechanism of straight wire drawing machine

Jan 01, 2021

In the field of straight wire drawing machines, the economic loss caused by metal corrosion is huge. Corrosion is the phenomenon of metal being damaged by the surrounding medium. This kind of damage is the chemical reaction of metal parts in certain specific environments. And the result of electrochemical reaction.

Corrosion damage always starts from the metal surface, and then goes deeper or faster, causing surface material loss, surface quality damage, internal crystal structure damage, and irregularly shaped cavities, spots and other damage to the straight wire drawing machine. Area, leading to the failure of the wire drawing machine.

Metal corrosion can be divided into chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion according to its use and mechanism. Chemical corrosion of metals is corrosion caused by pure chemical action. When the surface material of the metal part chemically reacts with the surrounding gas or harmful components in the electrolyte liquid, a corrosion layer is formed on the metal surface, and the parts are corroded when the corrosion layer is continuously falling off and continuously formed.