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Control method and coordination of water tank drawing machine

Feb 28, 2019

The working speed of each drawing head of the water tank drawing machine is based on the above formula, ensuring that each drawing head runs synchronously, because the drawing process of the water tank type wire drawing machine is completely completed by mechanical shaft drawing, and these mechanical axes are on the same main axis. Driven down, so the speed of the tensioning wheel and the tension on the line between the various stages of the entire stretching system control the synchronous coordination.

The water tank drawing machine requires coolant to dissipate heat during operation. The wire-receiving part is dragged by a small-power motor, and the tension on the wire needs to be kept constant when the winding is kept. If the tension is fluctuated, the winding on the winding wheel will be uneven.

There are usually several ways to control the water tank drawing machine.

1. With tension roller adjustment, the tension during winding is guaranteed by the weight of the tension roller itself.

2. With torque control, the tension at the time of winding is determined by the size given by the torque, but the tension of the take-up is unbalanced due to the change in the winding diameter.

3. For the tank drawing machine with high process requirements, the first control method is usually adopted, and the tension correction of the inverter ACS510 is used to control the tension roller adjustment.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com