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Advantages of the copper wire drawing machine in wire drawing operations

Jan 06, 2019

We know that before the drawing equipment appeared, the previous drawing work was mainly done by manual drawing operation. It has now been replaced by wire drawing equipment. So what advantage does the copper wire drawing machine show when it is drawing? What are the advantages of manual drawing?


First of all, the production method using manual drawing is inefficient, and there are many uncertain factors. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure uniform quality of the quality of the wire drawing. Moreover, there will be more misoperations that affect the quality of the product. After using the copper wire drawing machine equipment, it not only greatly improves the efficiency of drawing, but also effectively guarantees the quality and specifications of the wire drawing products, which provides a strong guarantee for the quality of the products.


More importantly, the use of copper wire drawing equipment significantly reduces the probability of wire breakage. This not only ensures the efficiency of the work, but also reduces waste. The overall smooth operation of the equipment not only improves the efficiency of the operation, but also reduces the labor intensity, which can save the enterprise a lot of labor costs. In addition, because the working speed of the machine is basically consistent, it can also guarantee the production cycle, which is beneficial to the company to arrange the production plan more reasonably.www.chinawiredrawingmachine.com