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Adjustment and management of nail making machine abrasive tools

Jan 27, 2021

The formulation machine must inspect the switching power supply before starting. The equipment must adjust its abrasive tools to suitable plate holes during the production process. The equipment must be concerned about the operation of the equipment in various aspects during the actual operation. If there is an unexpected situation, it must be solved immediately.

When the machine is in operation, you must be careful not to carry out the actual operation on the reverse side of the equipment. The management method of the equipment after the completion of the work is also very critical. The equipment inevitably stumbling during the transportation process. The situation will easily cause damage to the equipment.

This kind of damage is only on the surface, and it is not easy to harm the performance indicators of the equipment. It only harms its beauty. In the manufacturing process, some minor errors such as defects in the grinding and polishing of raw materials have caused the equipment to appear damaged. .

The application of the machine for too long will also cause damage to the internal equipment. The equipment must be cleaned during the application process. The nails in the equipment must be cleaned frequently. The corroded cable system must not be used. nail.

After the machine is started, it must not be able to turn the wire inlet rocker to enter the wire nail making after the equipment is in normal operation. The wire inlet must be terminated before parking, and the nail cutter must be kept sharp during the production and processing. The equipment is operating Always pay attention to the warming change of each friction position anytime and anywhere.